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Fancy Fleece Blankets consist of hand-made, creative, cuddly and soft blankets made from premium fleece fabric in many assorted patterns and colors.  They come in many sizes and styles to choose from for pets, children and adults.  All are reversible and there is something for everyone.

Made from two layers of fleece, they can be used as a cozy cover-up while watching TV, curling up while reading a book, taking a nap, long car rides, or to take the chill off during outside sporting events.  They can also serve as a decorative item on a piece of furniture

Fancy Fleece is easy to care for and can be put in the washer and dryer and come out looking like new.

Pillows, crate liners and pet beds (Dog Catchers and Cat Nappers) are also offered in many sizes and colors.

Why Purchase Fancy Fleece?

Fancy Fleece is made with two pieces of premium fleece fabric.  There is no sewing involved and each knot is tied by hand with lots of attention to detail.  All work is guaranteed to be of high quality and workmanship.  You will enjoy these products for many years to come.

Custom orders are welcome with a large selection of patterns and colors to choose from in a size that fits your needs.

For more information about products and pricing from Fancy Fleece, contact Donna via email or call(704) 960-4512.

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